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Theben Update FIX Range

At Light + Building 2016 Theben presented the new universal dimming actuator of the FIX1 and FIX2 series. Designed for a wide range of dimmable lamps, such as LEDs, halogen and energy-saving lamps, this new series offers a higher maximum load per channel whilst still offering great value.

Various dimming curves can be configured on the device to ensure a smooth and constant light output at all levels of dimming. Furthermore, new dimming curves can be imported, e.g. future lamps offering a degree of future proofing in this fast moving industry.

The Theben KNX universal dimmers actuators are available in two versions: The FIX1 version (DM 4-2 T KNX) has four outputs, while the FIX2 version (DM 8-2 T KNX) has eight outputs. The dimming output is 200 W/VA per channel, while channel 1 + 2 and/or channel 3 + 4 can be operated in parallel (dimming output of 400 W/VA in parallel operation). Manual operation is possible per channel via 4 buttons (25 %, 50 %, 75 %, and 100 %) allowing for quick installation and testing.

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