Product Spotlight

Bringing 'Sense' to New Zealand

We are pleased to introduce the Sense collection by Simon with exclusive New Zealand distributorship. The Sense collection boasts ultimate control and comfort with its unique and simplistic designs, providing three types of solutions: Regular, Custom and Personal, giving the customer the opportunity to create the ultimate space.

Regular is the simplest in the Sense collection. It is elegant, discreet and tactile, perfect for the home, an office or a hotel.
Custom provides solutions for any space. The default functions make it easy to operate any scene in a specific room. 

Personal is the most flexible solution.
Customers can choose the functions they need to create the ultimate control, personalising it using the icon library. 
Sense provides highly innovative and touch sensitive solutions to intelligent buildings in a range of different colours and textures, and a choice of 3 interiors; white, graphite and aluminium, for unique personalisation of room control. 
The collection received gold at this years iF awards in the building technology category and won a Plus X award in 2014 for innovation, high quality, design, ease of use and functionality. 
We are very excited to have full New Zealand exclusivity of the Simon Sense collection. For more information on the collection call our team on 022 3207665 or email:

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