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Integrating DALI devices into Modbus, BACnet or KNX with Intesis gateways

DALI is a dedicated protocol for digital lighting control that enables the control of robust, scalable, and flexible lighting networks. The digital nature of DALI allows two-way communication between devices, so a device can report a failure, or answer a query about its status or other information.

Intesis Gateways for DALI

The Intesis DALI gateway acts as an application controller master device on its DALI interface and supplies power to the channel, allowing interaction and commissioning of DALI drivers or DALI-2 drivers and occupancy and light sensors as input devices. 

Intesis DALI-2 NEW Certified Features

The following parts of the IEC 62386 Standard are supported:

  • Occupancy sensors instances (part 303)
  • Light sensors instances (part 304)
  • Push buttons instances (part 301)* *only available for Intesis Modbus and BACnet gateways
  • Analogue input instances (part 302) **only available for Intesis Modbus and BACnet gateways

FEATURE SPOTLIGHT - Local DALI Push Button Control

  • Push-button and slider instances can be managed locally in the gateway
  • Quicker reaction time from push to action
  • BMS updated and under control for general actions if needed but not overloaded by DALI requests

Key Features of Intesis DALI Gateways

  • UL Certified
  • DALI-2 Certified
  • Integrated DALI power supply
  • Up to 64 drivers/ballasts + 16 DALI-2 sensors per channel (Recommended for guaranteed DALI supply: 235mA)
  • MAPS: One free and user-friendly configuration tool for the versions: KNX, Modbus and BACnet

Specific Features of Intesis DALI to BACnet Gateways

  • The BTL mark ensures 100% compatibility and, at the same time, guarantees seamless integration with any BACnet device. 
  • DALI to BACnet IP & MS/TP Server Gateway - 1-channel version
  • DALI to BACnet IP Server Gateway - 2-channel version

Specific Features of Intesis DALI to Modbus Gateways

  • DALI to Modbus TCP & RTU Server Gateway - 1-channel version
  • DALI to Modbus TCP Server Gateway - 2-channel version

Specific Features of Intesis DALI to KNX Gateways

  • DALI to KNX TP Gateway - 1-channel

Watch the How to Configure Intesis DALI Gateways Video

Download the Intesis MAPS (Multi-Addressing Points Solution) tool 

Intesis MAPS is a free Windows-based software tool that has been specifically developed to configure and monitor Intesis gateways. It gives Integrators the power to configure and monitor their systems, regardless of the protocol, for fast and straightforward commissioning of any automation project. Watch the video below for more information, or click here to learn more.

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