Product Spotlight

Simon Sense for KNX, inviting and intelligent with real feedback

The Simon Electric ranges are exclusive to Ivory Egg in the UK, and last week they visited us at IE HQ in Bosham to tell us all about their great products. In particular their Sense range which is specific to KNX. 

1 touch - 3 sensations

When Simon were designing this range they looked at glass capacitive touch switches in the market and decided the cold feel and unclear reactions did not give the satisfactory feedback they would like for their products. As a result, they decided to opt for a much warmer feel with an instant response, well 3 responses actually! A Sense switch will tell you in 3 ways that your instruction has been successful; by light, sound and vibration, all of which can be turned off if preferred via ETS.

Simon also consciously recessed each button and provided the ability to inscribe the interior, making it clear exactly where to press and what will happen, something that is not always clear when using touch screens. This can be especially useful in hotels where a guest only has a small amount of time to familiarise themselves with the room and does not want to spend time confused by the switches. Over 100 symbols provide a great range of options and these can be customised to any clients requirements.

The adjustable LEDs remain at their lowest level when no motion is detected providing a night mode: Still visible in the dark, but not bright enough to make it uncomfortable for the user while resting. Additionally the standard keypads also include a temperature sensor for feedback to the KNX system, providing an ambient reading for improved accuracy.

For more information get in touch for a brochure, or head to our HQ in Bosham to see some working samples.

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