Product Spotlight

Eve Plus - more than just an iPad Frame

There's something different about the new Eve Plus iPad frame from Basalte. Their other iPad frames are beautifully made and look stunning on the wall, but this is something else. When you handle the sleeve itself it feels quite light, but looking at the quality of the metal you can see it is well made. Because it is lighter it makes it much nicer to wander round the house or office with.  When you mount it on to the wall base you get a satisfying connection, and you know it is safely attached to the wall. Then, in a day or so when you next need to use it you can remove it safe in the knowledge that it will be fully charged. 

The Eve Plus uses a completely original method for mounting the iPad, and there is no compromise in the look when the iPad is removed from the wall. The base, which comes in Basalte's beautiful finishes, has a cross shaped connector with strong magnets that hold the iPad frame to the wall in either a horizontal or vertical position. Charging connections also ensure the iPad battery is always topped up. The slim iPad sleeve is available in satin white, brushed black and brushed aluminium and is very comfortable to handle with all buttons and functions of the iPad made available.

If you'd like to use the iPad for more than just smart home control, there is also a table base which is perfect for mounting on a kitchen counter or desk. With internal power connections it can be charged in the same way as the wall base, but you can change the viewing angle so you can select your favourite recipe while cooking or find a TV show to watch.

With the Eve Plus for the iPad 9.7" Basalte really have designed a unique and modern iPad frame, and we're looking forward to seeing what else they can come up with!

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