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New KNX Thermostat Driver for Control4

KNX and Control4 are hugely popular worldwide, and it comes at no surprise that they are often specified on the same project. Control4 provides a simple intuitive user interface for audio video control, whilst KNX provides an extremely reliable and scalable infrastructure for lighting, blinds and temperature control.

Control4 released native support for KNX in 2012 with drivers that provide full two-way integration of lighting and blinds. This seamless integration allows KNX lighting circuits and blinds to be controlled from anywhere within the Control4 system including integration of scenes and programming logic. KNX keypads can also be used to trigger actions in Control4 such as selecting an audio source, changing volume, turning the room off or triggering programming.

To further this integration, Control4 have recently added a KNX thermostat driver, which allows for basic mode change, temperature display and basic set point adjustment of KNX thermostats.

Software consultancy, Janus Technology, have taken this one step further with their advanced thermostat driver, which offers profiles to support specific KNX thermostat models. This ensures correct feedback of set points when changing modes or switching between heating and cooling, plus it supports absolute set point modes. It also has a generic mode making this a truly universal solution, enabling the user to control any KNX thermostat in the market.

Both thermostat drivers offer the ability to use Control4 scheduling to change heating or cooling set points, are fully compatible with all Control4 interfaces and can be used with 4sight, making remote control a simple and easy.

Control4 end users can now have full control of AV, lighting and HVAC through a single interface. This is not only easier for customer, but simpler for system integrators with only one interface to program.

Janus Technology - Advanced Driver Technical Information

  • Multiple profiles to support thermostats from mainstream KNX manufacturers
  • Generic profile for other thermostats
  • Full integration with Control4 including scheduling and logic
  • Compatible with all Control4 interfaces
  • Work with 4sight for remote access
  • Control set points, mode changes, heat/cooling changeover
  • Additional control of fan or secondary circuits such as towel rails

The Janus Technology Control4 Drivers are available worldwide from The Control4 drivers are available from the online database within composer. 

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