Product Spotlight

thePixa Optical Presence Detector by Theben

thePixa - a new class of presence detector

Classic presence detectors with passive infrared technology from Theben have been controlling lighting and the indoor climate in many rooms in a sustainable and energy-efficient manner for decades. They detect people reliably and precisely based on their body heat and movements. 

The optical presence detector thePixa opens up new applications, beyond the possibilities of traditional PIR presence detectors. With the pixel-based detection technology, thePixa recognises how many people are in a room and where they are, and this information triggers predefined actions in the KNX building control. This enables building operators to manage their spaces much more efficiently; for example, the information can be used to organise desk sharing models or optimise room occupancy and building cleaning.

Key Advantages of thePixa

  • Pixel-based detection technology
  • Detecting and counting objects and people
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Triggering KNX building automation actions
  • Added value for building operators
  • Easy app programming

Watch the introductory video below for more information about thePixa

Download the datasheet

For more information, call our team today or order the thePixa online here

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