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New Faradite Motion Sensor 360 | Pinhole | Volt Free

The latest motion sensor in the Faradite 360 Range is the Pinhole, volt-free sensor - the most discrete sensor available.

The size of this sensor enables it to be installed in the most discrete places and has the same volt-free connections and wide voltage range as their other popular motion sensor 360 volt-free products. It can be embedded into wall plates/cabinetry/staircases and other materials with the visible element of the motion sensor at just 15mm in diameter.

The Pinhole sensor can be installed in bespoke joinery to provide precise, ultra-targeted automation for:

  • Staircase lighting: rear mount the Pinhole sensor behind staircase joinery at the top and bottom of staircases to trigger the LED staircase lights as soon as the user approaches the stairs.
  • Under-bed lighting: subtle under-bed lighting can be triggered as soon as users swing their feet off the edge of the bed. The Pinhole sensor can be mounted in the bed frame or bedside table to ensure minimal impact on the room aesthetic.
  • Cupboard lighting: get creative with a ‘drink time’ light scene that is triggered from a Pinhole sensor installed in cabinet joinery directly above the drinks collection.
  • Wall-mounted room automation: the Pinhole sensor can provide room automation from behind custom-made wall plates mounted in back boxes around the room.


Installing the Pinhole sensor requires rear access to the mounting surface (max thickness 5mm). Once the 15mm hole has been drilled in the installation surface, rear mount the sensor using the 3M VHB tape and use the locking nut to tighten against this to secure the unit. Terminate the wiring into the removable push-fit connect block and finalise the installation.

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